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Full Color Original Art Books

While all of my books feature my original art, most are printed in black and while. For these books, the full color images can be enjoyed via the ebook versions. However, several of my books are printed in full color (and therefore are a bit more expensive). All of my books are available on your regional Amazon marketplace. By clicking through the book covers below, you'll be taken to the books on (US market). You can find my Amazon author page at

My newest book of art, Avian Artforms, features over 100 original pieces of art that combines my bird photography with my unique visionary/cosmic art style. Available in paperback with full-color. Printed at 8.25x6 inches, 2023


The Celestial Cathedral and Temples of Light is printed at 8.5x11 with over 100 original pieces of cosmic art. 2021


Being Human - 10th Anniversary Full-Color Fractal Art Edition. Originally published in 2009, this ground-breaking book is also available in the 2019 color edition.

FLJ Lyrics and Art.jpg

Fractal Love Jam - This book features full color art along with the lyrics to two of the albums with myself and my wife, Jessalynn. You can find the music at online music outlets and at

Speaking of the Nondual.jpg

Speaking of the Nondual - Poetry and fractal imagery combine in this short book. Also available as an ambient soundscape audiobook and video - see video page for the full YouTube video


God's Handbook - Featuring some of my early fractal art, this fun and provocative book is sure to get you thinking . . .

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