The Fractal Imagination

Original Visionary Art by Martin W. Ball


Welcome to the Fractal Imagination, featuring original fractal art by Martin W. Ball.


Fractals are all around us - in fact, they are us! Trees, clouds, nervous systems, star radiation patterns, DNA, mountains - they're all fractals. Not only are fractals the basic mathematical structures of reality, they also make great art. The art found here are all fractal compositions, meaning that they are made from several different fractals layered together to create a final image - anywhere from three to twelve layers, and at times combined with my photography.


Browse through the galleries, check out the videos which combine my art with my music, and visit the link below to see the art on clothing.

I'm always happy to make my art and images available to others for their art projects. I design CD and book covers, as well. If you'd like to use my art for something, or commission me for a project, use the link below and fire off an email and we'll make it happen.

I hope you find these images evocative and inspirational.

To learn more about me, visit my personal webpage of

Enjoy - Martin



CLOTHING: Any of the art here can be made into custom t-shirts, hoodies, leggings, etc. Custom orders are welcome if you don't see the design you like. Visit the Fractal Imagination clothing store at HERE